I'm Annie, founder and owner of Petite Moss. I live in Seattle with my husband Malcolm, our three boys - Oliver, Teddy, and Charlie - and our baby girl, Gwen. Together we love swimming in the lakes and exploring the many beaches, trails, islands, and forests that make the Pacific Northwest such a magical place. As a new mom, I had difficulty finding classic, elevated basics that could also serve as everyday clothes for my boys. Unsatisfied with my options, I decided to take a leap - after a lot of late nights, early morning, and finding time in between raising my kids Petite Moss was born. I set out to create classic, high-quality basics that felt both elevated and durable - made to stand the test of a busy child. My hope for this brand is that it has allowed other busy moms to invest in long-lasting, well-made pieces that can be passed down and worn with love! I am proud of what Petite Moss has become, but most of all, I love the community of mothers that have come together in support of one another and my little business.